Custom Wigs

"How much does a custom wig cost?"
Custom wig prices will vary greatly depending upon the hair type, wig construction, density, length, color, customization and styling required by the client.
Please fill out our "Custom Wig Inquiry Form" for an accurate quote.

Base Prices outlined below are general guidelines, exact quote will vary (rates as of May 2021):

Synthetic Hair Fiber With Factory Hairline:
Single Stack Realistic Styling - $325+ (Shipping in USA included)
Single Stack Heavily Teased Drag Styling - $400+ (Shipping In USA Included)
Double Stack Heavily Teased Drag Styling - $500+ (Shipping In USA Included)
Dip-Dyed/Wefting Sewn In For Density/Color - $525+ (Shipping In USA Included)
Extra Large Up-Do Styles - $500+ (Shipping In USA Included)
Human Hair Fiber:
Starts At $1,500+ (Shipping In USA Included)
Hand-Tied Hairlines:
Starts At $600+ Additional Fee On Top Of All Base Prices Outlined Above.


"Can I send in a wig for restyling?"

  • Sure!
  • If the wig being sent in is brand new or has been thoroughly detangled, washed and steamed straight - $200+ (Shipping in USA included)
  • If the wig being sent in has been heavily teased, styled and worn - $300+ (shipping in USA included)
  • If the wig being sent in has been heavily teased, styled, worn, and is very tangled/matted - $400+ (shipping in USA included)

"How does your process work?"

  • Please fill out our "Custom Wig Inquiry Form" to receive a quote.
  • We accept custom orders on an appointment basis, only.
  • Each month will have a select number of custom wig appointments available.
  • Each appointment is for one custom wig or custom piece, only.
  • Your appointment and spot in line will only be guaranteed once your deposit has been made.
  • First come, first serve.

"How do I place a custom order?"

  • Please fill out our "Custom Wig Inquiry Form" to receive a quote.
  • This is an price inquiry form only and NOT an order form.
  • Please fill out the form to the best of your ability.
  • Incomplete fields on the form may result in a delay in receiving a price quote.
  • If the desire due date is left blank or a past date is listed, your desired date will automatically be set to the last day of the desired month selected.
  • You will receive your price quote within 48 hours.

"How do I pay?"

  • A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE is required for any custom order to begin.
  • You are more than welcome to pay the full balance up front.
  • We will send you a direct link via email to securely pay for your order.
  • Any invoices unpaid after 14 days will be automatically cancelled.
  • Payments must be made by either Paypal or Credit Card, only.
  • The remaining 50% invoice must be paid prior to shipping.

"Can you custom dye or color a synthetic wig for me?"

  • Synthetic wigs can only be colored a darker color, they cannot be lifted or lightened.
  • Because of the process used to color synthetic wigs, dip-dyed or ombre custom colors are preferred to reduce chance of coloring the wig lace.
  • Roots can be colored in with permanent marker, but will fade with time and can possibly run with hairspray use.

"Can I send in my own wig for styling/customization?"

  • Totally! If you'd like to send in your own wig for styling please note this in the description portion when you fill out our inquiry form.
  • The final price will vary depending upon the condition the wig is in when it arrives to us and the styling/customization requested.

"How do I get fitted for a custom wig?"

  • We have a standard measurement sheet which is sent out for all custom orders once the deposit has been paid.
  • If you request a custom hand-tied hairline; we will send you information about how to send a hairline tracing and measurements to us via mail.

"I would like a hand-tied hairline, how does that work? What is the difference?"

  • Custom hand-tied exactly mimic the client's own natural hairline, covering all of their natural hair.
  • For all orders requiring hand-tied hairlines, we send an instructional video demonstrating how to properly trace and measure your head for a wig.
  • This tracing is then mailed to us, we will add theatrical 40 denier front lace to blend seamlessly into the skin and will individually tie the hairs one at a time to exactly match the hairline drawn on the tracing.

"Can custom orders be rushed? How long do they typically take?"

  • Custom Wig Orders CANNOT Be Rushed!
  • Custom Styled Wigs Generally Take 4 Weeks From Deposit Payment To Ship Out Depending Upon Complexity.
  • Hand-Tied Hairlines and All Human Hair Wigs Take 6-8 Weeks From Deposit Payment To Ship Out Depending Upon Complexity.

"How do you ship your styled wigs?"

  • We have shipped our custom creations all over the world with great success.
  • Custom wigs shipped to an address in the U.S.A. will be shipped UPS 2 or 3 day express.
  • Custom wigs shipped to any international address will be shipped DHL express worldwide.
  • Unless requested, we do not ship wigs on a foam head.
  • Tracking numbers are provided upon shipment.

"Will you send photos before you ship?"

  • Yes, photographs of the finished product will be emailed for review before shipping.

"I changed my mind, may I cancel or change my order?"

  • Once a deposit has been made, your order may not be changed or altered.
  • If the customer decides to cancel the order, for any reason, the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • If is unexpectedly unable to fulfill your custom order, your deposit WILL be refunded.

"The wig you styled isn't exactly what I envisioned, can you adjust it?"

  • If our visions didn't line up exactly, we will be more than happy to make up to two adjustments prior to shipping.
  • Any additional adjustments or overhauls are subject to additional fees.