Canvas Wig Blocks


The most crucial item in any wig maker's arsenal is a professional canvas wig block to ensure an accurate fit and a perfect final result!

Canvas wig blocks are also ideal for storing and styling any type of wig or hair piece to keep it in tip top shape!

Blocks are filled with cork and covered in durable canvas fabric, making them sturdy and easy to use.

Canvas wig blocks are sold in half-inch size increments from 19 inch - 25 inch circumference to ensure your block size is a perfect match; a 22.5 is an average size head.

Short neck canvas blocks are about 10 inches in height, these are best suited for building and constructing wigs.

Long neck canvas blocks are about 12.5 inches in height, these are best suited for styling and storing wigs.

Non-Topple Stand sold separately here.

Please note: color and shape may vary slightly.

To ensure an accurate measurement, PLEASE watch the below video selection from "Wig Heads 101 - STEP UP YOUR WIG GAME".

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