24 Inch "Deluxe" Closure - 1

$18.00 $28.00

These closures are made of the same super soft and bouncy synthetic fiber as many of our "Deluxe Lace Front Wigs", the colors coordinate and match perfectly.

Each closure has a 4x4 soft transparent lace base with a high density of  24 inch length heat resistant synthetic hair. 

The closures features a soft curl pattern which blends beautifully with the "Sarah" and  "Ali" "Deluxe Lace Front Wigs".

This fiber is super luxurious and can withstand heat appliances on medium/low.

Make your own closure wig utilizing our "Deluxe" Wefting and Adjustable Wig-Making Caps.

You also utilize the closures as a pop of color in updo, or sew on Wig & Extension Clips and make them into a clip on bang! The possibilities are endless!!!