Wire Mesh Rollers

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Wire mesh rollers are a professional wig stylist's best friend!

Made of flexible wire coils, these rollers conduct heat during steaming and/or drying for faster results. 

Their mesh covering allows superb air flow for quicker drying and more effective steaming.

Their width is adjustable for more intricate and precise roller setting techniques.

A standard roller set would require 3-6 packs of rollers, depending upon size and density of hair.

For best results and an ultra firm set, utilize an end paper on the ends (AVAILABLE HERE!) and secure with a 3 inch pearl head pin (AVAILABLE HERE!)

Available in 7 sizes:

Green - Extra Small - ½ inch roller diameter - 20 pieces

Yellow - Small - 11/16 inch roller diameter - 16 pieces

Orange - Medium - ⅞ inch roller diameter - 12 pieces

Blue - Large - 1 ⅛ inch roller diameter - 10 pieces

Purple - Extra Large - 1 ½ inch roller diameter - 8 pieces

Pink - Jumbo - 1 ¾ inch roller diameter - 6 pieces

Blue (formerly white) - Super Jumbo - 2 inch roller diameter - 6 pieces

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